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December 05, 2017 - Other
Significant changes to ASCE-7-10 to ASCE 7-16
Holiday Inn Houston Downtown
1616 Mina Street, Houston 77002
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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April 19, 2018 -
Structural Engineering Institute of ASCE
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November 01, 2018 - State
SEAoT State Conference

Job Openings for Structural Engineers
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Fall 2017 State Newsletter


December 05, 2017


  Significant changes to ASCE-7-10 to ASCE 7-16
Chapter Other Satyendra K. (S.K.) Ghosh, Ph.D., F. ASCE, F. SEI -
Satyendra K. (S.K.) Ghosh, Ph.D., F. ASCE, F. SEI
Kelly Cobeen, S.E.
Andrew W. Taylor, Ph.D., S.E., F.ACI

Purpose and Background
ASCE 7-16 contains significant changes from ASCE 7-10 in the areas of seismic design, wind design, snow design, and more.  A brand new chapter on design against tsunami loads has been added.  Several of the seismic chapters have been extensively rewritten. Since  ASCE  7 eventually becomes law through adoption by the  International Building Code (IBC)  and  then  through adoption of  the  IBC  by legal building codes of local jurisdictions, a practicing engineer has no choice but to keep up with these changes. The changes are also of interest to the code enforcement community, academics, advanced-level students, and others. This seminar discusses all significant changes between the 2010 and the 2016 editions of the ASCE 7 standard, following a chapter-by-chapter sequence. Each change is explained, the background to it is given to the extent practicable, and its impact is also discussed, when that can be assessed. The emphasis is on what a practicing engineer needs to implement the changes in their design, with confidence and full understanding.

ASCE 7-16 is scheduled to be released in early January 2017. Barring unforeseen circumstances, it will be the referenced standard for design loads and seismic design provisions in the 2018 IBC. ASCE 7-16 will thus acquire the force of law within a city, county, or state whenever that legal entity adopts the 2018 IBC as the basis of its building code. Thus practicing engineers and code enforcement personnel have no choice but to keep up with changes in the ASCE 7 standard.

Seminar Benefits and Learning Outcomes
At the end of the seminar, each attendee will have an overall view of how the ASCE 7 standard has changed from its 2010 to its 2016 edition and will be able to apply each of the significant changes.

The learner will be able to:

Understand the changes from ASCE 7-10 to ASCE 7-16

Apply each change to everyday situations

Understand why particular changes were made

Figure out how a particular change may impact design and/or construction

Utilize knowledge of the changes to avoid violating important requirements in the latest building codes

Avoid costly errors that may result from a lack of understanding of one or more changes

With a basic understanding of ASCE 7-16, realize how some of the changes have a cumulative impact on design

Assessment of Learning Outcomes

Achievement of the learning outcomes will be assessed through a question and answer session as well as a self-administered evaluation quiz.
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April 19, 2018


  Structural Engineering Institute of ASCE
Chapter -
April 18-21, 2018
Fort Worth
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November 01, 2018


  SEAoT State Conference
Chapter State -
Hilton Hotel - Rockwall (Dallas) November 1-2, 2018 

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