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November 01, 2018 - State
SEAoT State Conference

Job Openings for Structural Engineers
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Spring 2018 State Newsletter


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SEAoT membership is offered to corporations and individuals who are interested in the practice of structural engineering and its peripheral issues. SEAoT membership runs from January - December. However, depending when you join, your membership for the first year will be prorated so that you only pay for the remainder of the year. (Those joining between October 1 and December 31, pay full membership which covers them up to the end of December of the year following the year in which they join.) There are a number of membership options.

Note that non Corporate new member dues are prorated quarterly.

Corporate Memberships
For companies with five or more Structural Engineers, SEAoT offers several Corporate Memberships. Click here to apply as a Corporate Member, or to convert a current membership to Corporate status.

Corporate Platinum Level (Up to 30 members) - $1800 a year
Corporate Diamond Level (Includes up to ten members) - $1200 a year
Corporate Member (Includes up to five members) - $700 a year.

An engineering or engineering and architectural firm offering structural engineering services, which has at least one principal licensed as a professional engineer in the State of Texas and who is also a structural engineer or associate member of SEAoT. The corporate member shall demonstrate the desire to advance the Structural Engineering Profession through the efforts of SEAoT.
Anyone qualifying in one of the above categories is invited to apply for membership. Click here to apply as a Corporate Member.

All corporate members may use the SEAoT logo for business purposes.

Structural Engineer Member (Individual) - $180.00 - prorated each month
Licensed professional engineer in the state of Texas regularly engaged in structural engineering work, who has passed examinations acceptable to the Board of Directors of the local Chapter, and who is qualified to practice, design, and direct engineering work.

Associate Member (Individual) - $180.00 - prorated each month
Licensed professional engineer in the state of Texas regularly engaged in structural or allied engineering work, and who is qualified to practice structural or allied engineering work.

Structural Engineering Educator Member (Individual) - Complimentary
Individual who is employed as a full-time educator, in the area of Architectural Engineering or Structural Engineering, by an accredited college or university, and who has expertise in an area or areas of Architectural Engineering or Structural Engineering theories.

Graduate Engineer Member (Individual)- $100 - prorated each month
Individual who is a graduated from an accredited college or university, or who has had other satisfactory structural engineering education or experience, and who has passed the NCEES Fundamentals (i.e., the EIT) examination.

Affiliate Member (Individual) - $180 - prorated each month
Individual who, by scientific achievements or practical experience, has attained positions in his/her special pursuits that qualify him/her to cooperate with structural engineers in the advancement of professional knowledge and practice.

Student Member (Individual) - $30 - prorated each month
Any junior, senior, or graduate engineering student enrolled in a structural engineering or other approved engineering curriculum.

Retired Member (Individual) - Complimentary
Structural Engineer member in good standing who have retired from the active profession.

Honorary Member (Individual)
An individual of acknowledged eminence in some branch of engineering or a related science or an individual who has been a member in good standing with SEAoT for at least twenty years and has contributed outstanding service to the Corporation.

As a member of SEAoT some of the benefits you will enjoy include guest speakers and chapter meetings throughout the state. Meetings include presentations of technical papers and research by some of the most knowledgeable and respected engineers in the structural engineering field, many of whom are SEAoT members. Learning firsthand from these experts is a valuable, time-saving opportunity.

Our Professional Practice Committee has assisted governmental agencies in the editing of local building codes and helped our state develop professional practice guidelines. Through this and other established committees, SEAoT offers an exciting and challenging opportunity to have an impact on the community and on the engineering profession.

State Conference:
The annual state conference gives the opportunity for members across the state to meet and share their ideas and viewpoints. Highlighted by technical presentations from both members and guest speakers, this conference is high on educational value and fun.

The Technical Activities Committee publishes SEAoT papers of benefit to practicing structural engineers. The following SEAoT publications have available to the SEAoT membership and the public:

  • Guideline for Practice (1987)
  • Services of the Structural Engineer Relative to Division 2, Design and Construction Administration (1994)
  • Report on Design & Construction, Issues for Achieving Floors of Acceptable Flatness and Levelness (1994)
  • Concrete Tilt-wall Panels on Pier Foundations (1998)

Click here for a more detailed description of these papers.

Additional publications currently in progress will be posted on this web site as they become available.

In addition to the benefit gained from the technical presentations, membership in SEAoT provides the benefit of interaction with a varied group of people who share the interests of practicing structural engineers. SEAoT is composed of people who are innovators, initiators, and achievers. Some of the best structural engineers in the state are members of SEAoT. They are people committed to professional excellence and growth. We hope that you will consider joining us and helping us to pursue a great future for the profession.