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The Structural Engineers Association of Texas (SEAoT), the largest and most active Association of registered structural engineers and allied professionals in Texas, is a non-profit organization founded in 1983 for the benefit of the structural engineering community, including structural engineers, university faculty members, students, and associates involved in the design, fabrication and construction of structures.

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Government Affairs Committee

SEAoT’s Government Affairs Committee advocates for the structural engineering profession, helping shape legislation that impacts our practice.

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PS=Ø® is a mechanical reinforcing splice system that eliminates pour strips, wall restraint, and backshoring while maintaining structural integrity and allowing for volume change. PS=Ø® can be used to eliminate pour strips in both reinforced (RC) and post tensioned (PT) concrete.

Atlas Tube

Atlas Tube manufactures the largest HSS and pipe pile size ranges in North America with the best availability in the industry.


VoidForm products are built to protect your structure from soil expansion. With multiple product systems designed to create void space under structural concrete, you can safeguard your project against costly damage.

Helical Concepts, Inc.

Providing outstanding products and services for our customers since 1991, we specialize in CHANCE® Helical Piering System and Atlas Resistance Piers.

Ram Jack

For over 40 years, Ram Jack has been dedicated to providing outstanding foundation services for a wide range of customers throughout North America.

Beautify Affordably with CAST CONNEX

We simplify the design and enhance the performance of structures by enabling Architects and Engineers to use cast steel connections.


“SEAoT provides professionals with a supportive community where members can connect with like-minded individuals to enhance their visibility within the industry, collaborate on projects, and accelerate their career growth. Through regular monthly chapter events, annual conferences, and quarterly newsletters, members gain access to the latest industry trends, cutting-edge technologies, and best practices within the exciting realm of structural engineering!
Charles Hammond, PE. SE

Principal , Forensics, Restoration, and Building Envelope

“Having served as an officer for most of the last decade, I have been able to see that SEAoT uniquely serves the structural engineers in our profession well. We organize events to hear from industry experts, provide opportunities to collaborate/network, and encourage involvement in committees like government affairs, technical/codes, awards for our colleagues, and emergency responses. Join us in continuing to better our profession in the great state of Texas by joining SEAoT.
David E. Williams, P.E.

President, SEAoT

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We are proud to be the leading association for structural engineers in Texas, dedicated to promoting excellence in the field. Join us in making a difference today by supporting our mission to advance the profession, provide continuing education opportunities, and foster collaboration among our members. Together, we can build a better future for structural engineering in Texas. Donate now and be part of our success!