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Donating to SEAoT is an opportunity to support the association’s vital initiatives.

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Why Donate?

Your generous donation will positively impact the structural engineering landscape, ensuring our profession continues to thrive and we are well-equipped to design safe and resilient structures. We ask that each member contribute at least $40 to the cause to help us meet our goal. Your support helps SEAoT in several important ways:

Advocacy and Outreach

SEAoT works to promote the interests of structural engineers and the broader engineering community. Donations aid in advocacy efforts, ensuring that the profession is well-represented and that structural engineers have a voice in policy discussions.

Build Public Awareness

SEAoT strives to raise public awareness about the importance of structural engineering in ensuring the safety and resilience of built environments. Your contribution supports outreach programs and initiatives aimed at educating the public about the significance of the profession.

Day at the Dome Support

SEAoT invites all members to attend the 2025 Day at the Dome in Austin. This vital initiative allows us to actively participate in the political process, advocate for our profession, and contribute to shaping policies that impact the structural engineering industry.

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