Structural Engineers Association of Texas

Four Board Meetings are held each year, three in Austin and one at the State Conference location. The SEAoT State President serves for a one-year term and is selected from each chapter in sequence.

Report Templates: Those providing reports for the meeting should follow the standardized report format. To download an appropriate template in a WORD format, click on the relevant report from the list below:


Board Meetings:

July 10, 2019
Freese and Nichols, Inc.
10431 Morado Circle, Bldg 5 Suite 300
Austin, TX 78759

Presidential Chapter Order State Conference Locations
2017 El Paso 2017 Corpus Christi
2018 Austin 2018 Dallas
2019 San Antonio 2019 San Antonio
2020 Fort Worth 2020 El Paso
2021 Corpus Christi 2021 Fort Worth
2022 Houston 2022 Houston
2023 Dallas 2023 Austin
2024 El Paso 2024 Corpus Christi