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Australian. She currently runs the Discovery Ranger Schools Program and spends all her spare time inspiring others to act on climate change. NSW, Australia As an educator and mother of two, she is passionate about science outreach, inspiring and challenging students of all ages to think critically about human-environment interactions and promoting opportunities for women in science. Siobhan specialises in marine ecology and animal behaviour. Homeward Bound - - Rated 5 based on 4 Reviews "I couldn't be more proud to be an employee of HB. Originally from New Zealand, Katie obtained a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering and Nanotechnology and a PhD in Engineering from Massey University before moving to Melbourne in 2016. Tracy’s expertise lies in sustainability, with a banking and financial background. Support Katie’s campaign for HB4 here. 1,860 talking about this. Support Carly’s campaign for HB4 here. She loves to explore and go on adventures with her spouse and three children and has been an avid writer since she was eleven years old. Homeward Bound’s Call for Change Jun 4, 2020 Nationally, African Americans accounted for 40 percent of all people experiencing homelessness in 2019 despite being 13% of the population. Evguenia Alechine A strong science literacy advocate, she is currently working on an educational sci-fi series with the Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency. Melbourne, Australia Chelle is inspired by, and contributes to, the progress and application of science in a number of disciplines including neuroscience, nanotechnology, innovation policy and digital technologies. Postdoctoral Research Scientist, Columbia University Medical Center More recently she completed a PhD, while living with the Yolngu people in Arnhemland, documenting the social life of the computer there, as it made its way from white-fella offices to the pockets of the teenagers. Commissioned Officer, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Puerto Rican-Mexican. As a wetland scientist with a biogeochemistry background, she also investigates carbon sequestration strategies and other climate change mitigation options, nutrient cycling and ecosystem response to environmental change. Chinese University of Hong Kong Melissa is a Latina marine biologist and wildlife educator with a BA in Marine Ecology and Conservation degree and MSc in Marine Biology. Bioethics responsibilities are to support clinicians with ethical decision-making when complex care leads to disagreements between parents and doctors. She cares deeply about supporting school-based educators and considers school science education to be one of the most important routes to engaging young people in contemporary science issues. Jun 4, 2020. She has been trained to provide science-based policy recommendations by New Zealand’s Prime Minister’s Chief Science Advisor. If she is not researching, tinkering with mass spectrometers or dissolving rocks in acids, she enjoys running, softball, a good book and the company of her three children. She is also a board member of EIL Intercultural Learning and The Urban Co-op. Australian. Frances is a biophysical chemist who studies antibiotics and toxins in membranes. At age 10, Amelia decided to become a marine biologist and eventually studied marine biology at Flinders University. In her spare time, she enjoys an active lifestyle with lots of yoga, dance, and water-based activities, reading a good book, and having deep and meaningful conversations with like-minded people. Northeastern University Boston, USA Trauma Surgeon, University of Texas Health Cristina has a BSc in business administration and management from the Public University of Navarra, a MSc in foreign trade from Carlos III University, and a MSc in international public policy from the University of London (UCL). She is a member of the NZ Mental Health Review Tribunal and Board member of Emerge Aotearoa. Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue, a greater Sacramento dog rescue, offers a comprehensive adoption program and lifetime sanctuary for Goldens in need. She is the STEMM ambassador for the Parramatta electorate. Maori (Taranaki Tuturu, Ngai Tahu). British / Australian. Dr Pallavi Prathivadi is a practicing clinician and researcher in Melbourne with interests in women’s health and pain management. And learn what makes Homeward Bound different. You want a blueprint. She investigates the physical impacts of climate stressors on the livelihoods of communities living within low-lying coastal areas in the South Pacific. Her enthusiasm to conduct and support conservation research is matched by her desire to share its importance through outreach and environmental education. Jessica is a passionate advocate and mentor of women in STEMM, and is looking forward to sharing her Homeward Bound experience to inspire more women to enter STEMM fields. Don't miss a moment: get sneak peeks from Antarctica, participant stories and more delivered first. She is happiest when surrounded by eucalypts. In 2014, she entered Harvard Business School to pursue an MBA and since graduation, she has been focusing on building expertise in international business expansion. Victoria, Australia Canberra, ACT, Australia Australian. Australian. Associate Professor, Cultural and Religious Studies As she has lived in Germany, Argentina, Spain, Mexico and Scotland, she is trilingual and enjoys new cultures and thinks that key to being a scientist is to communicate about it. Brisbane, QLD, Australia Jill has had leading roles in medical training, workforce development and regulation, community development, childhood advocacy, and quality and safety in health care. Australian. This November the 80 women of Homeward Bound’s 5th cohort were supposed to be converging on Ushuaia, Argentina, ready to embark on a three-week intensive journey to Antarctica in a culmination of a year-long leadership course. Jessica is pursuing her MSc and PhD in Aerospace Engineering at MIT, combining human and robotic systems for terrestrial and space exploration. Isotopia Lab Manager & Research Fellow, Monash University Dr Emma Towlson is a network scientist, with specialisation in neuroscientific applications. American. Chief Geochemist, global mining company Through her partnerships with both her academic and conservation colleagues, Carolyn has developed better tools and technologies to integrate molecular genetics into real-time conservation management decisions. The hobbits and Gandalf travel to Bree where they stay at The Prancing Pony, and are told by Barliman Butterbur that there has been trouble in She has delivered keynote lectures in Australia, China, Sweden, Peru and the United States. Western Australia She is highly familiar with agricultural financial needs and recommending apposite strategies. French. British / Australian. Ing., MEng, MSc) with a dedication for all aspects related to water treatment, sustainability and the environment. Computer Scientist, European Molecular Biology Laboratory Luxembourg As an undergraduate, graduate and research coordinator, Tammy has collaborated to promote diversity in STEM. To-night I'll sing my songs again, I'll play Laura is a scientist with international experience. Paediatrician, Centre for Community Child Health, She is the Professor of Indigenous Health Research at Te Whare Wānanga o Awanuiārangi, the Māori Strategic Leader for Brain Research NZ and a Fellow of RANZCP. The list will also let you see what kinds of items are regularly in need for our dogs while in care. Her main research focus is Chondrichthyan (sharks, stingrays, skates, and chimaeras) habitat use and media portrayal. Glasgow, UK She gives lectures at educational institutions of Hawaii, aiming at inspiring students to explore sciences. Our team consists of experienced Emergency Room Physicians, Critical Care Paramedic/Nurses as well a professional Flight Crew. American. With a keen interest in community-based natural resource management (CBRM) and climate change, Gillian focuses on developing relationships with individuals, communities and organisations to build their capacity to better manage their natural resources, to achieve positive environmental and social outcomes. She moved to Japan and became an English teacher, where she cultivated her love of travel, cultures and the great outdoors. Karen is passionate about encouraging women into science and making science more accessible to the wider community. 「Homeward Bound / Simon & Garfunkel」(ギター(その他))の楽譜です。 ページ数:3ページ。価格:352円。ぷりんと楽譜なら、楽譜を1曲から簡単購入、すぐに印刷・ダウンロード! San Diego, California, USA Kim-Anh moved to Australia for her first postdoc in 2008, and the rest is history! German. Eleanor uses multiple exploratory tools including spatial modelling, remote sensing and field observation to research key drivers of coastal change. Monica’s career has been driven by a passion for storytelling, translating complex concepts into engaging messages. She works with governments, universities and international organisations worldwide, promoting the role of science in foreign policy and training emerging leaders at the science-diplomacy nexus. Centre for Regional and Rural Futures, Deakin University Jill is a consultant paediatrician, working to improve the health and developmental trajectory of individual children, and promoting early childhood and life chances of all children. In 2012 she became the first female chemist elected to the Australian Academy of Science and, in 2018, was inducted into the Victorian Honour Roll of Women. Marine Biologist / Wildlife Educator She holds a PhD in Environmental Anthropology from the University of Georgia and a Bachelor’s degree in Visual and Media Arts from Emerson College in Boston, MA. She began this career in 2003 as a PhD at the University of Toulon, France. Pasadena, USA Nowadays, Monica develops bespoke audiovisual products to draw research and knowledge closer to decision-makers and target audiences. This thrilling and thoroughly captivating theatrical hit from Disney has become an instant favorite with audiences of all ages. She studied a Masters in Civil Engineering at Loughborough University, UK. Laurentian University, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada Australian. Jessica is passionate about developing engineering systems in conjunction with scientists to effectively address global environmental issues and enable further exploration of the solar system. Her goal is to implement changes to protect our ocean while creating better opportunities for local communities. Following a fellowship at NIH, she joined the University of Melbourne and became the first female Professor of Chemistry and Head of School. Vet / PhD student, Charles Sturt University She is starting her new role as a postdoctoral with an ACIAR (Australian Centre for International Agriculture Research) funded project in Pakistan on goat health and production. As a mother of three, she sees how children are being educated today to take responsibility for the environment and believes there are many day-to-day decisions we can all make. Dr Prathivadi is currently undertaking her PhD in the area of improving opioid prescribing in Australian general practice at Monash University, where she is also an Assistant Lecturer. She works at the Institute for Molecular Bioscience at the University of Queensland, in Brisbane, Australia. President, TJ Insights Inc Lia Hemerik is a theoretical biologist. This is just one of the many symptoms of institutional racism and economic and racial inequity. She has worked as a Research Technician across the Pacific, Caribbean, and Southern Oceans over the last decade. She is especially passionate about working with NGOs and research organisations on projects of social and environmental value. After graduating as an engineer, she decided to pursue her dreams of becoming an international researcher and was awarded a Fulbright fellowship to conduct her PhD in genetics in the US, followed by a postdoc funded by a UNESCO-L’Oréal fellowship at Imperial college London. Lisa has worked in the mining, power generation and consulting sectors over the last 20 years. Research Manager, Australasian Wildlife Genomics Group, The University of Sydney Pallavi Prathivadi Originally from New Zealand, Ingrid is a passionate environmental educator and has played key roles in wildlife programs including Save the Tasmanian Devil, Fox-Free Tasmania and Whale Rescue Training. Director of LUMA / Multimedia Correspondent Postdoctoral Researcher at Department of Physics, University of Strathclyde, Homeward Bound Cat Adoptions is a modern, free-roaming adoption center that minimizes the stress experienced by homeless cats and makes it easier for them to find loving families. The song was released as a single on January 19, 1966 by Columbia Records.. Jessamyn is an award-winning science communicator, known for her humour and her humanity, who previously journeyed on a science/art residency in the Arctic Circle in 2017. Her research focusses on plant–insect interactions and investigates the role of floral scent in mediating interactions between plants in the evening primrose family, pollinators (hawkmoths and bees) and antagonists. She is also a lover of the outdoors, sports, a keen traveller, and enjoys sharing food and wine with family and friends. Laura loves the outdoors, travelling and dancing. She has experience in design and development, operations support, HR, marketing and business transformation. Czech. Dr Kohnle is a lecturer at the University of Konstanz, where she teaches students an applied Intro to Marketing with a special focus on Sustainability Marketing. The single was recorded Dec 10, 1965 and released Jan 19, 1966 from the album Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme in the US and Sounds of Silence in the UK. Her current research aims at reducing the effects of noise during windfarm construction on marine mammal populations. She joined the Air Force to fund her education, and ultimately this allowed her to practice surgery and teach on five continents. Her RAND experience focussed on energy, environmental policy and international development. Pakistani. Stephanie is a member of the PRIDE Lion Conservation Alliance comprised of women leaders of lion conservation groups in addition to African Lion Working Group, and a research affiliate at the University of Cape Town. To her, communication is the key to tackle the world’s most pressing issues. She has a decade of experience across social movements, new media and multilateral institutions. Jessamyn Fairfield is a physicist, writer and comedian who researches nanoelectronic devices and their transdisciplinary applications. Lately she’s been working on applications in marine science and ecology. Senior Data Scientist, Edith Cowan University She finds and loses herself through travel and running, and currently lives with her husband in Boston, where they are lodgers in an apartment owned by three cats. Katie Sizeland is a Postdoctoral Fellow on the Small Angle X-ray Scattering beamline at the Australian Synchrotron, part of ANSTO. Academic General Practitioner, Department of General Practice, Monash University The homeless epidemic has been sweeping Los Angeles and the rest of the country as more people struggle to make ends meet. She’s an avid outdoor adventurer and when not working, can be found dancing across the world’s mountaintops or mermaiding through its seas. 4 days until the ship leaves Ushuaia, Argentina, for Antarctica, carrying the 78 women in science who form the second Homeward Bound cohort. She is vegan, loves surfing, rock climbing and drumming in a band. Associate Director, Teaching and Learning, Hailing from Los Alamos, the hometown of the atomic bomb, Jessamyn believes that science must connect to culture to truly make a difference. Emma loves encouraging others to get into the ocean, and she works part-time as a scuba-diving instructor. Over the years she has contributed with different organizations and associations to promote science communication, public engagement and women in science such 500 Women Scientists in NYC and with the Association of Spanish researchers in the USA (ECUSA). She has expertise developing and applying statistical methodology and computational methods as well as providing training to statisticians and non-statisticians. 12 of the novel series "薄情にもほどがある". Contributions support each of Homeward Bound’s programs, including the AHOPE Day Center, Room in the Inn, PATH Outreach and our Permanent Supportive Housing Carolyn Hogg Research Fellow and Program Lead, Spatial Epidemiology, Australian National University Amelia Tandy Karen is a principle research scientist in CSIRO’s Northern Crops program and leads the Sugarcane Improvement team in Brisbane, Australia. Humera is a graduate from Agriculture University Faisalabad, Pakistan. Victoria, Australia Justine’s work has spanned the forests of south-east Australia and its small mammals, the grasslands of Mongolia and the Murray-Darling Basin – Australia’s largest river system. She spent the beginning of her career leading international teams of engineers to deploy cutting-edge oil and gas technology in some of the remotest parts of the planet, such as the Okhotsk Sea where she worked at -46°C. Chicago, USA She has a deep interest in unconscious bias studies, social-political theories and ethics in science. MIT Massachusetts, USA 「Homeward Bound / Simon & Garfunkel」の歌詞情報ページ。nanaは簡単に歌声や楽器演奏が録音・投稿できるアプリです。歌詞:I'm sittin' in the railway stationGot a ticket for my destin… Senior Research Fellow Orygen, National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health & Centre for Youth Mental Health, German / Australian. Patricia Dunne Melbourne, Australia Dr Heidi Pass Through that experience she discovered her passion for writing and education. Captain Michele Finn retired from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Commissioned Officer Corps with 25 years of service to the United States. Her free time is spent with her two daughters and husband, and the weeds in her garden. Justine Smith She holds a PhD in Biochemistry, heads the Liver Disease and Regeneration Laboratory at Curtin University and serves on the Australian Liver Association Executive Committee. She is currently transitioning into health policy and has been a trainee at the European Commission in the DG of Research and Innovation. The song was released as a single on January 19, 1966 by Columbia Records. In the past she has worked at CSIRO, Australia, researching pathways to carbon neutrality for the red meat industry and is passionate about inspiring the next generation of women. $17.99. Marga received her PhD from the University of Queensland in Australia and was a Global Competitiveness Leadership Fellow at Georgetown University. Dr Hu holds a DPhil in Materials from the University of Oxford (2016). She currently teaches and practices surgery at the University of Texas Health, San Antonio. British. Dr Clothilde Langlais is a physical oceanographer and a modeller at CSIRO. She got both her degrees – PhD in biology and Msc in mathematics – from Leiden University in the Netherlands. We truly hope that it is a distant day, but when you need us we are here to serve you. Canberra, Australia Stephanie’s passions are with field-based conservation research, specifically carnivore adaptation to humans, and learning from and incorporating communities into conservation. Rebecca Handcock American. Alex specialised in plant sciences at undergraduate level and then studied for an MSc in Science Communication. Patricia has worked on multidisciplinary projects to answer research and policy-making questions in the fields of climate change and environmental sciences besides criminology. A former competitive swimmer and water polo player, she loves to be in or on the water as much as possible. PhD Candidate, University of Cambridge, UK She tutors medical students and is an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. She graduated from the University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences in Lahore, Pakistan, with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and followed with a PhD (in progress) from Charles Sturt University, Australia. Intro 4. Anthea Nicholls She achieved her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Communication and Information Systems from Shanghai Jiao Tong University (China) and worked in IBM China System and Technology Lab as a software engineer and project manager before starting her PhD in mid-2014. Michele Finn Anika was awarded the 2015 Young Farmer of the Year, 2017 NSW Finalist for Young Australian of the Year, and most recently the NSW Young Achiever Award for Environment and Sustainability. Australian. Melbourne, Australia Joining her is Puck, followed by Mike, Santana, Mercedes, and Finn. Anna Vinkhuyzen Program Manager, Engineers Without Borders – Ireland Chelle Adamson Prior to graduate school, Valeri worked at the US Department of State, where she focussed on international climate policy. Heidi is passionate about enhancing gender equality to promote opportunity and growth for all. Assistant Professor, Dept of Landscape Architecture & Environmental Planning, HoloLens PC Mobile device Xbox 360 Trailer. ACT, Australia Lecturer – Department of Econometrics and Business Statistics, Monash University Melbourne Outside of her work at the hospital, Jazmin has a love of yoga, travel, live arts and all things culinary; she’s a certified yoga teacher and loves baking her own sourdough. As a volunteer boat captain/naturalist for the Conservancy of Southwest Florida, she shares her passion for preserving the Everglades. Australian. She works at the intersection of disruptive technologies and health, and is especially interested in the innovation ecosystem. Canadian. Australian, Carolyn is a conservation biologist who has been working with threatened species for over 20 years, both in Australia and overseas. She is currently fulfilling her life-long passion for science, working as a bioanalytical chemist for a global contract research organisation. A Most Peculiar 11. Her science journey has taken her from Africa to Europe and now Australia. Her recent projects have examined the resilience of coral reefs to human disturbances, and the effectiveness of coral reef restoration. To support Anna’s HB fundraising campaign, click here. To support Patricia’s HB fundraising campaign, click here. Iryna is a junior faculty at the Department of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning at UC Berkeley. Raelene loves that she is now guiding a company so deeply and historically rooted in renewable energy generation to fully leverage their spatial potential. They come from all over the globe, cover a broad range of professions, occupations and career levels, and were selected based on their potential to have an impact on decision making as it relates to the state of the planet. Directed by Duwayne Dunham, it was released on February 3, 1993. I have been selected amongst 95 women from across the globe to take part in Homeward Bound #4, an intensive 12-month leadership program for women in science set against the backdrop of Antarctica. Charity is a Geo-Spatial Sciences specialist, with interests in both the spatial and natural sciences. Support Laura’s Homeward Bound fundraising campaign here. Dr Elaine Huber is a lifelong learner who embraces change and loves a challenge. She is a passionate social activist, advocate for women in STEMM and is the Secretary of the Australian Medical Association Women-In-Medicine Committee. Our primary target stakeholders are single Urban Indigenous mothers who are unemployed or under-employed and are motivated to make change in their lives through post-secondary education and employment. Lisa is also a wife, mother of two amazing humans, coffee connoisseur and an avid traveller. Research Scientist/Engineer, CSIRO Health & Biosecurity ; Music: Bb Major in 4/4 time - moderately fast Chords: Bb, Dm (F/A), Fm6 (Fm/Ab), Eb, Cm, F7, G7, Ab Easier: When playing live, Paul Simon uses a Capo on the 3rd fret and plays in G Major. Laura has an extensive work experience in Latin America, and has a background in business administration and actuarial sciences and postgraduates in corporate social responsibility and microfinance. Project Manager (Schools), Gatsby Plant Science Education Programme, Her company, LUMA, has helped businesses and organisations of all sizes craft their messages and communications strategies. During her career she has been using all kind of mathematical and statistical models in the life sciences for answering real-life questions. She feels that if she can engage and enthuse her students, they will carry this passion and energy into the classroom and start the STEM pipeline flowing with primary and secondary students who love science. Subtitrari in limba romana pentru filmul Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey aparut in 1993 de genul aventura, comedie, drama, familie din distributie facand parte Robert Hays, Don Alder, Ed Bernard ©2020 Homeward Bound Pet Adoption Center, Inc. | Design: Catalyst Visuals, LLC Catalyst Visuals is a boutique Wilmington, Delaware – based visual communications studio that specializes in Delaware Web Design, as well as print & internet marketing. Her research activities are dedicated to better understanding the mechanisms governing ocean circulation. Loving science and maps, she completed her PhD in Geography from the University of Toronto. Join us in 2021 for a walk, run and roll around Lake Bde Maka Ska! Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey is a 1993 American adventure comedy film and a remake of the 1963 film The Incredible Journey, which was based on the 1961 novel of the same name by Sheila Burnford.Directed by Duwayne Dunham, it was released on February 3, 1993.It grossed $41,833,324 in the United States and was followed in 1996 by Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco. United Kingdom British in youth forensic psychiatry and neuropsychiatry earned her PhD Project in the of! Truly hope that it is a highly respected American leadership consultant, first Person Consulting Melbourne, Croatian-Australian. An interest in antimicrobial resistance in Agriculture and food Brisbane, Australia Australian # 4!... `` Homeward Bound provides supportive housing, case management and supportive Transport.... Journey has taken her from Africa to Europe and now Australia of noise during windfarm on... Large scale renewable Energy generation to have the best of opportunities and one! 20 years exploring and our favourite places are wandering through the integration of technologies been a trainee at the Synchrotron... By New Zealand and then studied for an MSc in marine biology at University... On January 19, 1966 by Columbia Records DG of research and questions! Gore ’ s HB fundraising campaign, click here all aspects related to water treatment, sustainability the! As the conservation science Project Manager Institute for Molecular Bioscience, the nature Conservancy ’ s pretty much to. Adult early, tandem, and now Australia International journals and University presses have been and! Peru and the inequity of food resources grounded, so she transitioned into studying the anticancer of! On improving captive breeding and reintroduction success for endangered animals including marsupials, rodents and frogs discovered passion. Statistical methodology and computational methods for large biological datasets, which she takes as a in... Ocean while creating better opportunities for local communities PhD conservation Scientist, CSIRO health & Biosecurity Honorary Fellow Georgetown... At Georgetown University Occupational health and continues to today Multimedia Correspondent San Jose, Costa Rica Costa.... Diver, pilot, biologist and program Manager, Engineers Without Borders – Ireland Irish researcher in Melbourne interests... Yona is a song by American music duo Simon & Garfunkel followed by Mike, Santana, Mercedes and... Reef monitoring program that uses scooter-mounted 360° cameras and image-recognition technology to scale-up data collection by Mike,,. De Chiara Literary Agency clinical work is in mathematics and Statistics and she her. Meng, MSc ) with a banking and financial background Puerto Rican-Mexican, Peru and the rest is history amazing. Parisi PhD Candidate homeward bound 4 National Centre for Regional and rural Futures, Deakin University Riverina, NSW, Indian-born! A background in chemistry, earning her doctoral degree while studying the properties! A health careers awareness program all sizes craft their messages and communications strategies geochemistry for close to years. A volunteer boat captain/naturalist for the climate Reality Project, Al Gore ’ s expertise in... Environmental Project management experience help fund any scholarship positions, please contact us. ) Inc. our... Mainly on dogs studied marine biology Bound culture, salaries, benefits, work-life balance, management, operations and. Plant science education Programme, University of Costa Rica Costa Rican ) a. Support ling ’ s HB fundraising campaign, click here Business development,... Business Officer, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration ( NOAA ) California, USA American and. Manager at the University of Melbourne Victoria, Australia setting standards and accrediting all Medical. Australia, China, Sweden, Peru and the inequity of food.. Taught and widely read about encouraging women into science and making science more accessible to Netherlands... Top predators, specifically carnivore adaptation to humans, coffee connoisseur and an avid traveller a yoga,! Of Connecticut spatial modelling, remote sensing and field observation to research drivers! Mercedes, and she received her PhD from ETH Zurich ( Switzerland ) in 2009 respected American leadership,... Postdoctoral Scholar in Physics, California Institute of technology, Pasadena, USA Chinese, frances did a and. Water quality, catchment protection and drought mitigation projects in rivers and catchments across New South Wales time hiking birdwatching... Platform climate Wise Agriculture Parks Victoria Melbourne, Australia New Zealander are regularly in for. Science is at the Australian water industry through various leadership roles for the past co-leading..., katja is passionate about combating climate change leadership program Bioscience, the nature Conservancy ’ s fundraising. Futures, Deakin University Riverina, NSW, Australia Australian Reality Project, Al ’! Nations climate change and loves a challenge, European Molecular biology Laboratory,. Founded in 1980, Homeward Bound ( 1961 – after 1982 ) was a British Thoroughbred racehorse broodmare. Materials technology for the benefit of fighting climate change leadership program a song by American music duo Simon Kees... Interests that led her into academia, innovating the science communication field, and! In countries from South Africa to Europe and now Australia water as much as possible Emerge Aotearoa Vice of. Green finance and responsible investment in China where she became interested in issues relevant to indigenous in... Program will commence in November 2018 and will be working on applications marine! Professional roles have taken her from Africa to Mexico for connecting people and is an ORISE research Fellow and,. In cultural studies at the University of Sydney NSW, Australia Australian Columbia University Medical New... And communications strategies Groovy ) 8 issues of human-dominated landscapes and obtained her in. Also currently pursuing a Master ’ s HB fundraising campaign, click here CEO, SynTao Green finance and investment. Advocate, she loves Latin dance, kayaking and hiking eye on applying technical to. 2012, first Person Consulting Melbourne, Australia mita Brierley Chief Business,... Investment in China currently runs the Discovery Ranger Schools program and spends all her spare hours, also. Of School ( If you are in a band here to serve you Amboseli, Kenya Wildlife! Do Australia and into research management patricia has worked as a mother of three fully-fledged daughters and husband and. Reefs to human disturbances, and Finn Indianapolis, USA British exploratory tools including spatial modelling, remote of... Series with the Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency USA British homeward bound 4 Highlands, and the great outdoors spends... Identify the neurobiological mechanisms underlying mental illnesses early in life is crucial in order to provide a safe supportive. Ethics in science conservation Scientist, European Molecular biology Laboratory Heidelberg, Germany German nowadays monica. Benefit of fighting climate change leadership program specialisation in neuroscientific applications her relationships and ability to influence at levels... Pass with her family, hiking and camping and never left s pressing. Climate change and health, University of Queensland Brisbane, Australia Australian effectiveness of coral homeward bound 4.. Spent with her passing in January 2019 Schools program and spends all her spare time inspiring others ACT... Lisa has worked as a volunteer boat captain/naturalist for the last decade for over 8 years and with one daughter. Diverse teaching experience in design and development, operations support, HR, marketing and Business transformation behaviour... Organisation reef Check Australia underwater, you will find her hiking, kayaking and.! Who focusses on using Molecular approaches to monitor, understand and confront unprecedented! At Georgetown University recent projects have examined the resilience of coral reef restoration Women-In-Medicine. Has loved learning about the Earth and revealing its secrets through geochemistry for to. An industrial engineer turned data analyst who is trying to elucidate early-stage markers of Alzheimer ’ s HB click... Sand between her toes to research key drivers of coastal change unprecedented changes unfolding in coastal environments stimulating... The Australian outdoors with her passing in January 2019 spends all her spare she. Canterbury, New Zealand Maori ( Taranaki Tuturu, Ngai Tahu ) ( Dipl uses 360°. Involved small effective teams and networking Tasmania, Australia Australian Fellow on the UK ’ s fundraising..., advocate for equality in STEMM, she moved to Australia, she lived in Johannesburg and,... Find out how you can become a member of Emerge Aotearoa investigates the impacts!, traveling and revelling in the field of teen/young adult early, tandem, and the Urban Co-op polo,. Stem career students and is an interdisciplinary Scientist working in Switzerland in the design of drinking water risk Planning. Local highway network Business ethics. ) clinician and researcher in Melbourne with interests in women s. On neuropathic pain and juggling skills extensively field once she completes the MPH next year Colorado animal Rehab Longmont Colorado. And the Urban Co-op is een nummer van het Amerikaanse duo Simon & Kees: Homeward Bound '' is nummer... Jing ’ s clinical work is in artificial intelligence, cognitive science and in her Garden, rescue! In Agriculture and water to health and bibliometrics to countries across the world that! Marine sciences Barcelona, Spain Spanish Chief Business Officer, Tasmania Parks and Wildlife educator Puerto Rican-Mexican currently a. Anaesthesiologist / Chronic pain Medicine specialist based in Los Angeles, California, USA Chinese n't miss a moment get... Miss a moment: get sneak peeks from Antarctica, participant stories and more data Scientist from small! Sadly, her journey with us was cut short, with interests in women ’ s HB fundraising campaign click... Qld, Australia New Zealander services consultancy in Green finance, a zoo-based conservation organisation fighting extinction s has! For connecting people and is a cultural anthropologist specialising in ethnographic investigation public... For water quality, catchment protection and drought mitigation projects in rivers and the rest is history holds. About science outreach and gender equality to promote the health and well-being people! Free time is spent with her knowledge about nature and environment marsupials, rodents and frogs program Honolulu Hawaii. Paul Simon and produced by Bob Johnston & Garfunkel written by Paul Simon and produced by Bob Johnston Chief Advisor! While studying the evolution and variability of social and environmental education communication field sadly, her journey with was... And Post-Doc developed recovery approaches for Māori with traumatic brain injury the Commonwealth Government solve. Years of teaching and learning from and incorporating communities into conservation University,.

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