Legislative Issues

July 14, 2016
Texas Wind Storm Inspections

HB2439 was passed in the 2016 legislative session. Comments are now being accepted on the new proposed changes and should be submitted as soon as possible.

Please click here to review the proposed changes.

SEAoT Structural Engineering License Committee

At the October 2013 SEAoT State Corporation Board meeting, the officers and directors approved and authorized the expenditure to retain a professional Lobbying firm. This will change the direction of SEAoT, which will now be represented on an on-going basis by a Professional Lobbyist, Capitol Avenue Partners. CAP will work on issues and initiatives regarding legislative and governmental matters that affect structural engineers, and will not be restricted to just pursuing licensure for structural engineers. In the past, structural engineers have been represented in the Texas State Legislature by engineers from other engineering organizations. Enactment or the prevention of legislation that would ostensibly affect engineers in general, has not always been in the best interest of engineers who practice structural engineering.

SEAoT will continue to pursue the enactment of Structural Engineering License legislation, in accordance with the direction by the SEAoT State Corporation Board. Other states also continue to work on SE licensing, with the support of NCSEA; and SEAoT’s Structural Engineering License Committee will continue to focus on this issue.